Mu Chapter of Sigma Chi is proud to recognize these noteworthy Sigs who have been honored by their fraternity and their alma mater:

  • Woody Hayes ‘35
  • Bill Mason ‘57
  • Sandy Thompson ‘59

Order of Constantine
  • William P. Huffman 1911
  • Robert M. Collett 1914
  • Henry S. Stout 1915
  • Sidney Jenkins 1918
  • Paul H. Kaufman 1922
  • Jack N. Meeks 1927
  • Richard C. Harman 1935
  • John D. Tegtmeyer 1956
  • Alexander "Sandy" Thomson 1959

Significant Sig Award
  • Edward L. Stockdale 1908
  • William P. Huffman 1911
  • Donald C. Power 1922
  • Bertram L. Snyder 1933
  • W. Woodrow Hayes 1935
  • Robert W. Amos 1935
  • George H. Norton, Jr. 1935
  • Walter E Bartlett 1948
  • William G. Bowen 1955
  • William Y. Giles 1956
  • David G. Brown 1958
  • Tony P. Hall 1964


Once you become a Mu Sig you remain a Mu Sig for life. As undergraduates we are pleased to know that we will remain the best of friends with our brothers from Mu Chapter once we leave the beautiful Denison campus. Our alumni chapter is incredibly strong and we thank you all for the help and support you have given us over the years. If you would like to visit the alumni website follow this link to their page

Congratulations to our most recent graduates and new alumni: Andrew Bublitz, Thomas "Dice" Dacey, Spencer Greene, Caleb Randall-Bodman, and Edward Vita.

Also a congratulations to our special alumni, who now will be full on alumni following their graduation: William Cove, Geoff Doremus, and Michael Soumekh.


8.30.2010 - Fall 2010 classes begin at Denison University

9.25.2010 - Delta Gamma's annual Anchor Splash

10.1.2010 - 10.3.2010 - Denison Big Red (Alumni) Weekend