We are glad you are interested in becoming a Sigma Chi. As Sigs we strive to excel in scholarship, philanthropy, service, brotherhood, and character. All of these ideals are embodied in our Jordan Standard:

   A man of good character

   A student of fair ability

   With ambitious purposes

   A congenial disposition

   Possessed of good morals

   Having a high sense of honor

   And a deep sense of
   personal responsibility

We are constantly looking for new members who live up to the Standard.

Mu Chapter Rush

“Pledging was an incredibly unique experience for me. What separates Mu Sigma Chi from all of the other Fraternities on campus is that each pledge class consists of a wide variety of individuals. I only knew a select few of my pledge brothers going into this process and normally wouldn’t have hung out with a majority of the others. But throughout the course of the semester, I was forced to be with them and to get to know them and to bond with them in a way that I have never really bonded with anyone, ever. Regardless of what task lay ahead of us, I knew that my pledge brothers were there beside me to help and that created a brotherhood between all of us that will last a lifetime.”

- Charles "Chazz" Lippitt, member of our newest initiated pledge class

As a prospective Mu Sig you can look forward to an unrivaled brotherhood, the chance to participate in numerous philanthropic endeavors, a unique social experience, and a chance to build your character during your four years on Denison’s campus. If you would like to learn more regarding what we are all about please email our rush chairman W. Colin Phelan at

A word from W. Colin:
"Since the founding of Mu Sigma Chi in 1968, our members have been searching for the most well tempered and determined gentleman that Denison University has to offer. The members of Mu Chapter incorporate the Sigma Chi core values of friendship, justice, and learning into their daily lives. In our search for new members, we strive for individuals who possess these same characteristics and practice these same ideals. Here at Denison University, the members of Sigma Chi are more than just a group of friends, they are brothers."

8.30.2010 - Fall 2010 classes begin at Denison University

9.25.2010 - Delta Gamma's annual Anchor Splash

10.1.2010 - 10.3.2010 - Denison Big Red (Alumni) Weekend